Shoot your way through a thrilling action adventure of 60 levels in 6 different game modes while fighting against enemies and extreme bosses.

You can download the Demo here:

























  • 60 levels.

  • 6 game modes: Story, Arcade, survive, Time Attack, Challenges and Free.

  • Fight against 6 bosses in 6 stages.

  • Get the best score on each stage.

  • Play with a friend in Co-op Mode.

  • Full level up system with upgrades skills.

  • More than 20 different types of enemies.

  • 6 different difficulty levels to play the Story Mode + *Ultra Impossible.

  • 24 side missions: 4 in each world.

  • 3 types of weapons.

  • Dozens types of weapons upgrades.

  • More than 100 Achievements.

  • 6 Challenges or more.

  • *Game Plus: Replay the Story Mode in a more challanging way.


*may not be in the full game.



  • Story Mode: Play the full campaign of 60 levels.

  • Arcade Mode: Try to get the best score while getting crazy score multiplier and a lot of candies.

  • Survive Mode: Play a stage with only one life.

  • Tima Attack Mode: Complete the stage before time runs out in this very challenging mode to earn stars .

  • Challaeges: Each Challenge has it's own rules. Complete Challanges to earn stars.

  • Free Mode: Replay a stage. A fun and relaxing mode.

Demo v0.42

  • The First 10 levels

  • All the 6 game modes : Story, Arcade, survive, Time Attack, Challenges and Free.

  • 6 different difficulty levels for Story, Arcade, survive,  Free modes.

  • Fight against the first boss

  • Co-op Mode.

  • 4 side missions

  • 2 types of weapons

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